Water and sanitary engineering

The construction of large diameter pipelines for industry and water mains

The key issue for our engineers is the construction of large diameter pipelines for mining, processing, energy, fuel, chemical and metallurgical industry and water mains for urban and regional water companies. Excavation and excavation-free technologies used in this case are closely analysed so that they are always the best solution. Modern engineering methods that we use during construction are mainly used in highly urbanized and industrial areas. The construction process is simple, safe for the surrounding environment. The installations are made of plastic materials such as: PE-HD, PP, PCV, GRP, plain and stainless steel, as well as ceramics and concrete.

The construction of storm water drainage and sanitary sewage systems, retention reservoirs and pumping stations

An important aspect of our business is the construction of storm water drainage and sanitary sewage systems, retention reservoirs and pumping stations. A detailed analysis of all relevant factors affecting the size of the network optimizes the consumption of materials and workmanship costs. For this purpose we combine the capacity of geotechnical services department and water and sanitary engineering department, whereas an extensive machine park ensures great mobility and allows us to implement most difficult tasks.
In our work we always use the highest quality, tested materials from renowned manufacturers, which are selected depending on previously developed and implemented technology.

Welding and fusion welding of pipes

The scope of work includes butt welding, muff welding or extrusion welding of plastic pipes and electric or gas welding of steel pipes. An individual analysis allows us to select and apply the most advanced methods to ensure permanent and safe connection.
We also offer the repair of all types of water, sewage pipes etc. This is particularly important for cost reduction, e.g. replacement of the entire system.

TV pipeline inspection services

We also provide TV pipeline inspection services which involve the use of a special TV camera transmitting high resolution digital image This allows us to get a detailed information about the technical condition of the section tested.
TV inspection is used both for emergency maintenance and  technical inspection or technical acceptance of installations. Our equipment allows us to inspect the pipelines over a distance of 500m and a diameter up to 1600mm.