Road and railway construction

Comprehensive earthworks, land levelling, various types of foundations

Our offer covers the full scope of work connected with the terrain and soil which is prepared for building road or rail infrastructure.
Prior analysis and study of the area allow us to prepare the best solutions in terms of technology and economy. Modern machine park along with innovative methods enables us to carry out work on any terrain.

Superficial or underground drainage

The drainage system we use is the easiest way to protect excavations and objects from the harmful effects of water. Most construction solutions are developed individually mainly due to the variability of site conditions and different types of water intakes. During the design process we always apply the appropriate methods.
The drainage system is made from high quality materials which results in significant technical and economic advantages.

Soil replacement and ground strengthening

In case of adverse ground conditions we use the methods of soil replacement or ground strengthening. These works are mainly carried out to increase the ground bearing capacity and resistance to dynamic load, as well as to reduce settlement and water permeability. The use of proper methods and techniques mainly depends on the characteristics of the investment carried out, as well as on the existing ground and environmental conditions.

Repair of dirt roads and macadam roads

The repair of dirt roads and macadam roads is carried out on the basis of our extensive technical and expertise knowledge, using the latest technologies and machinery which always meet the specified requirements.
When preparing the tender for renovation works we offer a full range of activities ranging from a detailed analysis of the location and condition of the land, technical analysis of repair or replacement of the road, subcontracting.

Repair of railways

Our company also offers a widely understood repair of railways which includes the modernization and reconstruction of existing railway lines. Repair works are carried out primarily with regard to the requirements and the existing condition.
Specification of the materials used is prepared based on the data collected by the engineers during the initial visit, whereupon the plan of repair is prepared.

Repair of bridges and viaducts

Our company focuses primarily on comprehensive repair of all kinds of bridges, including  flyovers, viaducts and overpasses. The execution of repair works is based on the analysis, followed by strategy formulation.