Trenchless engineering

Ramming, drilling, microtunnelling

We also offer excavation-free construction of networks and installations.
Based on technical data that we analyse during the design process and development of suitable methods of operation, our work is always conducted in a safe manner.
In this case we pay special attention to places where the installation is to be built.
We use proven methods of installation and our equipment is characterized by extreme accuracy and precision. Our equipment allows the installation of pipes to a diameter of 3000mm.

Excavation-free renovation of pipelines

Another focus of our activity is the excavation-free renovation of pipelines which is particularly suitable for difficult conditions where traditional and simple method of digging old and used installations is not always applicable.
To minimize the costs and eliminate unnecessary and burdensome excavation works we offer analysis and selection of appropriate methods of work in installations of all types and at every stage of construction. We use the following methods: relining, close fitting, static cracking (burstlining).